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Clinicians making note-taking better, together.

Veloscient empowers medical professionals to take control over their clinical notes by allowing users to create meaningful clinical data capture tools that can be immediately accessed on their mobile device of choice.

Work Smarter

  • Build data capture tools that match your clinical workflows
  • Capture the clinical pathway using expressive logic
  • Improve productivity

Collaborate to Care

  • Create, collaborate and share clinical content around the world
  • Access high quality clinical content vetted by a global community

Unlock the Potential

  • Collect data anytime and anywhere on any iOS device
  • EHR Integration capabilities*
  • Powerful data visualization*
  • * Coming Soon

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The average clinician spends 16.6% of their work week on admin tasks.
Let’s get your time back.

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World’s First global

clinical note knowledge sharing platform

Harness the power of a collective intelligence to transform the way you capture and use clinical data

  • Be a member of a thriving community of experts from all health sectors.
  • Search for content and download to your mobile device.
  • Create your own content and share it with the community.
  • Review and rate content built by your peers.

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Simon Currey

Founder & CEO

Analytical marketer with an entrepreneurial track record. He founded British Medical Television and introduced Optx to Europe which is now a part of the leading oncology system in the UK. He is passionate about creating technology that empowers patients to be involved in their own care.

Sarah Rothwell

Chief Operating Officer

Medical technology expert and implementer in the toughest clinical environments. Clinical Engineer by trade with extensive experience in product management, customer engagement and healthcare analytics. Promoter of innovation with an obsession for making things work.

Dr Edward Leatham

Chairman of Medical Advisory Group (MAG)

Early Veloscient field tester, immediately recognized Veloscient’s potential and implemented it into his practice. Subsequently appointed MAG Chair. Edward is a Cardiologist with an established track record: the Royal Surrey Cardiology Department, the HASTE Charity and the highly successful Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic.

Hugo Tewson

Non-Exec Director

Entrepreneur, coach and Sloan Fellow of the London Business School. Hugo holds various chair, NED and coaching roles with early stage businesses and several Growth Catalysts including MediCity based on the Walgreen Boots campus.

Hao Yan

Non-Exec Director

E-commerce specialist and investment analyst. Hao has experience in launching medical apps in China and positioning medical technologies to be successful for the new generation of “smart hospitals” being pioneered in Asian markets.

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